Gorzeowskie Towarzystwo gandlu zagranicznego Sp.z z o.o.


About us

Our company was founded in 1988

FTC "Gorex" LTD is a company with the polish private initial capital of 100 000 PLN.

Since more than 30 years we are one of the leading companies in the domestic market in the field of importing and exporting products of agricultural origin and feed components.

Currently we offerthe following products:

  • crude soybean oil - German and Ukrainian origin,
  • soybean meal (GMO / NON-GMO),
  • sunflower meal (granulated / not granulated) - Ukrainian origin,
  • rapeseed meal,
  • sugar beet pulp pellet (mollased / unmollased),
  • molasses,
  • soybean cake (GMO / NON-GMO),
  • rapeseed cake,
  • sunflower cake,
  • corn,
  • rapeseed,
  • soybean seed,
  • monocalcium phosphate - Lithuanian and Russian origin,
  • amino acids feed grade: lysine, methionine,
  • other additives for animal feed.

We are supplying many animal feed manufacturers throughout Europe. The partners we work with are mainly located in the regions of wielkopolskie, małopolskie, lubuskie, kujawsko-pomorskie, dolnośląskie, śląskie, opolskie, zachodniopomorskie i lubelskie.

FTC "Gorex" also works with transport and forwarding companies.

Management: Małgorzata Nowak- Director / Single board

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