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Extruded lupins

Extruded lupins (micronized)

Case of use:

Feed component

Product descrription:

Extruded lupine is obtained by extraction of seeds. Yellow species of lupine are mostly used for the feed, because they have the highest protein content. Lupin belongs to a small group of animal feed, which are characterized by low soil requirements and can be grown successfully on them. It is a very valuable component of the feed - the seeds contain an average of 32 to 40% crude protein (270 to 380 g of digestible protein in kg) and from 4 to 10% fat.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value
Moisture [%] 7,64
Dry mass [%] 92,36
Crude ash [%] 3,38
Main Protein [%] 34,13
Crude fat [%] 4,97
Crude fiber [%] 10,93
Calcium [%] 0,26
Phosphorus [%] 0,44
Amino acid
Lysine and methionine [%] 1,88
Threonine [%] 0,51
Arginine [%] 1,52
Tryptophan [%] 3,73
Digest main protein [%] 30,65
Expiry date 3 months


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