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Fatty acids

Fatty acids

Case of use:

Component, feed additive

Product descrription:

Moisturising of feeding stuff for fast-growing and highly productive animals, including poultry is nowadays used on an industrial scale. The fat in animal feed increases the concentration of energy. In particular it improves taste and its use. It is the source of the soluble vitamins (A, D and E) as well as unsaturated fatty acids.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value
Scent appropriate
Transparency at temprature of 70oC appropriate
Content of moisture and volatile matter[%] no more than 1,2
Total participation of a fat mass [%] no more than 97,2
Depth cleavage of oleic acid 87,0
C 16:0 8,3
C 18:0 6,8
C 18:1 28,0
C 18:2 53,0
C 20:0 0,3
C 20:1 0,2
C 22:0 0,9
Determination of the levels of dioxins and their derivatives are attached to each lot.


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