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Rapeseed meal

Post-extraction rapeseed meal (pelletized or loose)

Case of use:

Meal component

Product descrription:

Marginal product obtained in the process of oil extraction from rapeseed. Rapeseed is fully valuable protein feed, characterized by amino acid composition. It is worth noticing that rapeseed has more methionine, cystine, Ca, P and Mg then soybean.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value
Color appropriate
Scent specyfic
Water content [%] up to 12,5
Indissoluble ash content 10% HCL [%] up to 2
Crude protein content [%] 32 - 36
Fat content [%] 2,0 - 4,0
Crude fiber content [%] 11,0 - 14,0
Remain of dissolvent [%] up to 3
Expiry date 3 months


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