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Soybean oil (crude)

Soybean oil (crude)

Case of use:

The feed additive, lubricator

Country of origin:


Product descrription:

Extracted from soybeans by ordinary extraction or refining process. It is an excellent feed additive and a valuable source of unsaturated acids such as linoleic acid, oleic acid and a-linolenic acid). In addition, it contains a large number of flavonoids, lecithin, phytosterols, and vitamin E.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value
Peroxide [m mol/kg 0,5 O] no more than 5
Color [mg/iodine] 50 - 80
Acid number [mg KOH/g] 1,5
The massive participation of phosphorus compounds in terms of stereo lecithin [%] from 0,84 to 3,21
The fat content and fat-soluble particles [%] no less then 99,9
Expiry date 3 months
Caloric energy for poultry [MJ] 37,65 (9000 kcal)
Caloric energy for pigs [MJ] 36,62 (8752 kcal)
Determination of the levels of dioxins and their derivatives are attached to each lot.


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