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Monocalcium phosphate

Monocalcium phosphate

Case of use:

Feed component

Product descrription:

The raw material that is the source of calcium and phosphate in compound feed. It is produced in the reaction of natural calcium with pure phosphoric acid. Providing calcium and phosphorus (in feed) is extremely important, as they are building component of bone and teeth. Lack of phosphate in young animals results in the slowdown of the growth and the occurrence of rickets, whereas in adults weakness and bone fragility.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value
P - Phosphorus [%] min. 22,7
F - Fluorine [mg/kg] no more than 2000
Ca - Calcium [%] no lest then 16
Cd - Cadmium [mg/kg] max. 10
As - Arsenic [mg/kg] max. 10
Pb - Lead [mg/kg] max. 30
Hg - Merkury [mg/kg] max. 0,1
Chloride [%] max. 1
Water dissolve [%] min. 96 - 98
Moisture [%] no more then 3,0
Appearance natural, white granules
From 0,2 mm to 1,4 [%] no less then 97,9
From 0,5 mm to 2,0 mm [%] % no less then 95,9
Expiry date 2 years
Wrapping form
Big bag 1000 kg - delivery of 25 tons
Bags 25 kg - delivery of 25 tons
Loose - autosilo delivery 25 tons


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