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Soybean cake

Soybean cake

Free from GMO

Case of use:

Feed component

Product descrription:

The protein component obtained as a marginal product from soybean oil production. Contains a significant amount of sulfur amino acids, including methionine and cysteine. Due to the relatively low content of crude fiber it has a high energy value and is a great digestible feed for all animal species.

Product specifications:

Parameter Value
Type bagasse
Transparency slightly turbid
Moisture [%] 10
Color yelow
Scent typical
The oil remaining in the pomace [%] in dry mass 7,5
Protein [%] in dry mass 44
Urease activity 0,11
Ash [%] in dry mass 0,6
Metallic contamination 0,0008
Fiber [%] in dry mass 6,6
Expiry date 3 months


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