Soybean oil cake

Biały granulat


Feed component

Product description

Protein component obtained as a waste product during pressing of oil from soya beans. It contains a significant amount of sulphur-containing amino acids, including methionine and cysteine. Due to the relatively low crude fibre content, it has a high energy value and is an excellent easily digestible feed for all animal species.


Parameter Value
Type of marc
Transparency slightly opaque
Moisture [%] 10
Colour yellow
Aroma typical for soybean oil cake
Residual oil in the marc [%] in dry matter 7,5
Protein [%] in dry matter 44
Urease activity 0,11
Ash [%] in dry matter 0,6
Metallic impurities 0,0008
Fibre [%] in dry matter 6,6