DL methionine

Proszek na łyżce


Feed amino acid

Product description

Methionine is an extremely important amino acid for the proper functioning of the animal organism. Apart from participating in the formation of muscle protein, it is used in numerous metabolic processes. DL-methionine is a feed amino acid produced through chemical synthesis. Its presence is essential in order to prepare good feed for animals with a high growth potential. Meeting animal demand without this amino acid would require an unusually high level of protein in the feed (almost 30% BO). Such a feed would be expensive, much more burdensome for the animal body and the environment (high nitrogen transfer into the environment).


Parameter Value
Appearance crystalline powder
Methionine content [%] 99
Water and volatile substances content [%] 0,3
Ash [%] 0,5
Arsenic content [mg/kg] 2
Fluorine [mg/kg] 100
Lead [mg/kg] 5