Rapeseed oil cake

Zielona paszaGreen feed We offer high quality rapeseed oil cake. It is a feed component, particularly recommended in intensive animal husbandry. Rapeseed oil cake is an excellent source of highly digestible protein and energy. The high fat content means that this component does not differ in terms of energy from other high-protein components of plant origin. It also provides unsaturated fatty acids, which are essential for proper growth and development of the animals. Rapeseed oil cake-based feeds are used to feed poultry, pigs, ruminants, sheep, ducks, geese, fur animals and fish (e.g. carp).


Rapeseed oil cake parameters

The rapeseed oil cake we offer is characterised by high nutritional parameters. It is a rich source of vitamins, well digestible protein and energy.

Product specification:

  • protein in dry matter - about 30%,
  • moisture - approx. 8%,
  • fibre - approx. 12.5%,
  • fat - about 8%.


What is rapeseed oil cake and how is it produced?

Rapeseed oil cake is a versatile feed component used in intensive animal husbandry. It is a by-product of rapeseed oil production. Rapeseed oil cake is produced in the pressing of finely ground rapeseed. The resulting semi-finished product is subjected to high temperature and high pressure. Rapeseed oil cake is listed in the European Union's Register of Feed Materials, which means that it can be successfully used directly in livestock feeds. Rapeseed feeds can be mixed with, for example, soybean meal.



Feed component

Product description

Best feed for intensive livestock farming.


Parameter Value
Protein in dry matter approx. [%] 30
Moisture approx. [%] 8
Fibre approx. [%] 12,5
Fat approx. [%] 8