Fatty acids

Kropla oleju


Component, feed additive

Product description

Today, greasing of compound feeds for fast-growing and highly productive animals, including poultry, is used on an industrial scale. Fat in animal feeds increases energy concentration, improves palatability and its utilisation. It is a source of soluble vitamins (A, D and E) as well as unsaturated fatty acids.


Parameter Value
Aroma is appropriate ok
Transparency at 70oC is appropriate ok
Moisture and volatile substances content [%] not more than 1.2
Content of total fat by weight [%] not less than 97.2
Depth of oleic acid splitting 87,0
C 16:0 8,3
C 18:0 6,8
C 18:1 28,0
C 18:2 53,0
C 20:0 0,3
C 20:1 0,2
C 22:0 0,9