Gorzeowskie Towarzystwo gandlu zagranicznego Sp.z z o.o.


Our company was founded in 1988.

We are one of the leading companies in the domestic market in the field of importing and exporting products of agricultural origin and feed components.

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We are working with transport-forwarding companies. We guarantee the fastest possible delivery with attention to safety and a high quality of service.

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Our Offer

Soybean oil (crude)

Extracted from soybeans by ordinary extraction or refining process. It is an exc…

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Soybean oil (degummed)

Is extracted from ordinary soybeans. The oil de-gumming process is carried out …

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Fatty acids

Moisturising of feeding stuff for fast-growing and highly productive animals, in…

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Sunflower meal

Component formed after pressing the oil from shelled, partially shelled and unsh…

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Rapeseed meal

Side product obtained in the process of oil extraction from rapeseed. Rapesee…

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Soybean meal hi pro

The best source of proteins with high absorption and amino acid composition.

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Soybean cake

The protein component obtained as a marginal product from soybean oil production…

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Sunflower cake

Marginal product obtained in the process of oil extraction from partially shel…

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Rapseed cake

The best type of feed in intensive animal breeding

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Monocalcium phosphate

The raw material that is the source of calcium and phosphorus in compound feed. …

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L-lysine feed grade

Lysine is an essential amino acid in protein synthesis. Lysine supplement for mo…

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DL methionine

Methionine is an essential amino acid for the proper animals body functioning. A…

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Extruded lupins

Extruded lupine is obtained by extraction of seeds. Yellow species of lupine a…

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Beet pulp

Contains large amount of pectin and good amino acid composition. Improves the e…

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We accept the offer

Our company is interested in expanding business. So we are willing to contact with potential partners.

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